When is the best time to schedule a consultation/tasting?
The earlier the better, we are a smaller bakery/studio and we take a limited number of orders a weekend. May through October is the busier times of the year, keeping that in mind at least six months before or more. Consults are done Tuesday – Saturday late afternoons, Saturday’s are limited due to orders and deliveries, we are happy to do our best to accommodate you.

What are your prices?
Pricing is determined by the size, design, flavor cakes and fillings inside, and the delivery. Each cake is custom designed for you. At the consultation we can better determine a price. Butter cream cakes can start around $5.00 a slice Butter cream and Fondant cakes can start around $7.00 a slice (we use Satin Ice Fondant only)

How long are the consultations?
They are booked for an hour, this is a one time complimentary consultation/tasting provided for four guests

What do we need to bring with us?
Please bring with you any ideas, pictures, color palettes, textures, or any inspiration you may want to put into the design of your cake. Your photos of cakes help us to see what you are looking for. Please keep in mind, with much respect we hold for fellow cake designers we will not copy their designs, though we are happy to use them for inspiration to create a design for you that will be Something Different and unique.

Do we make dummy cakes (faux cakes)?
Yes, we do.
We do not however make these cakes if you are serving cakes from someone other than Something Different Cake Couture. So as not to be mistaken by someone else’s cake. We do not rent any cakes on display in our showroom.

Do we do grooms cakes?
Yes we do.

Do we do bridal showers cakes?
Yes we do.
**Please note that if we are doing your wedding cake we will take 10% off your order of a grooms cake, bridal shower cake, or cupcakes and cookie orders.

Do you charge for delivery?
Yes, we charge a set up and delivery fee. We deliver to all areas of Rhode Island, and into MA, CT, NY, NH & Vermont. The fees are determined by the destination at the consult. RI fees range anywhere from $25.00 to $100.00.

Do you have a brochure of cakes/flavors/pricing?
No we do not at this time, photos of our work can be seen on our Web site, on our Facebook and Pintrest Accounts. We have a number of different flavors to offer, if you have a specific request let us know and perhaps we can create it for you. Pricing is better determined at an appointment, since all designs are customized. If you have a budget for your cake please let us know at the consultation and we can show you designs that will stay within your budget. (There is a minimum servings of #50 for weddings)

**At this time we do not make sugar free or gluten free cakes or cookies.

Do you only do cakes?
We also do cupcakes. Minimum order is one dozen. Also available are decorative sugar cookies; they make a beautiful edible favor for any occasion. There are many different designs to choose from. There are photos of our cookies on our Facebook page. (minimum order of one dozen) During the Holiday season we also make Italian cookie trays (18- 20 different cookies), orders are taken the day after Thanksgiving through to December 15th There are #1lb and #2lb trays available. , we take a limited number of orders.

Do you have cakes available to purchase at your storefront?
No we don’t.
We are not an open storefront. It’s by appointment only. Please call us at your earliest convenience to see if the date you are looking for is available, then we can make an appointment to get together and see what we can do for you.

Do you do only wedding cakes?
We make cakes for ALL occasions, birthdays, first communions, christening’s etc., any cake is a special occasion. Please call to check availability as soon as possible. We require an appointment for these cakes as well, if you are a new customer and need a tasting please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you at your appointment. We can reserve a date for you month’s in advance with a deposit and an appointment booked one month before the required date. ( a minimum of #30 servings a cake)

Do you do sculpted/dimensional cakes?
Yes we do. There is a minimum of #30 servings. These cakes are determined by the complexity of their design. Their pricing can range from $8.00 to $12.00 per person for these edible works of art.

**Please note – all occasion cake orders will receive a 10% discount on any cookie orders for favors.

**We highly respect other cake designer’s work and choose not to copy them. But we will use them for inspiration to design a cake that is customized just for you. Something Different and Unique.

**Please note that we are limited to designs that have copy writes Trademarks, some may not be able to be replicated exact because of this.

**All work is done within 48 hours of the occasion, and is done here on the premise with fresh ingredients.