Cake Combinations
*Italian white almond/almond butter crème filling
*Wedding white cake/red raspberry filling
Chocolate cake /chocolate Bavarian crème filling
Butter crème icing and Satin Ice Fondant/all in one slice
*Wedding white cake/lemon filling
Chocolate cake/red raspberry filling
As above all in one slice
*Pink Champagne cake/red raspberry or strawberry filling
*Red Raspberry champagne cake/red raspberry filling
*Strawberry Champagne cake/strawberry filling
*Lemon chiffon/zest cake/red raspberry or lemon filling
*Red Velvet cake/cream cheese filling
*Tiramisu wedding white cake/coffee and Khalua/marscapone cheese filling
*Chocolate Espresso Cake
Espresso simple syrup drizzle/chocolate espresso butter crème filling
*Pina Colada cake
Wedding white cake –coconut flavored
Pineapple filling/butter crème flavored with pineapple
*If you do not see something you would like please ask and we will see if it’s something we can create for you. We love trying new things.
**We also will do fresh fruit fillings up request.

Cake Flavors
Italian white/almond
Wedding white
Chocolate Espresso
Red Velvet
Pink/red raspberry or Strawberry Champagne
Lemon chiffon/zest

Red Raspberry
White/Vanilla Bavarian Crème
Chocolate Bavarian crème
Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Butter creme
Peanut Butter
Marscapone Cheese
Cream cheese